Bike Across America Journal – Monday, February 9, 2015 (Weather Delay)

Monday, February 9, 2015 (Weather Delay)

Start: nope

End: Somewhere headed toward Albuquerque, NM

Weather: Rainy, Cloudy

Miles: 0k +

Bicycling Across America (SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM)

The adventure was to begin today. I had a pretty sleepless night. The alarm rang at 7am, but I was not really jumping out of bed to get ready.

Ready to go by 9am, standing outside checking the security of the gear and the bicycle, the rain begins to fall. As every minute passes, the rain continues to fall more heavily. I spend the next minutes contemplating my options for the day via Trying to decide if the risk involved with the rain and my ability to make the distance of 75+ miles is even possible.

After recognizing the band of weather stretched throughout Alabama and was to continue throughout the day, I chose it wise to stay behind one more day. To start the adventure tomorrow. I quickly informed my WarmShower Hosts (online Bicycle Friendly Hosts; see that I would be pushing my adventure back for one day. (both hosts soon gracelessly replied that I was still welcome the following nite)

So I spent the rest of the morning preparing to make the adventure even more successful by altering my gear, in doing so, I accidentally broke the battery cable of my phone, and now had a useless phone. Within an instant, I had destroyed my maps and my link to assistance, more or less…I had destroyed hope. This action, quickly became discouragement as to how to replace a mobile phone in America in just One Day! (who does’nt love contracts?)

Through much contemplation (without the idea of a contract…I don’t do contracts), I decided to order a phone to be delivered to the WarmShower tomorrow. (Hopefully both I and the phone will make it!) Breaking the phone was a little discouraging. I have a specific bike mount for the phone I broke, so my new phone had to have a bike mount ordered as well. (my phone is no longer made…so I had to find another model…researching new phones is a gargantuan pain, especially selecting one that can be delivered in one day.)

After “successfully” ordering a new phone, I spent the remainder of the day watching Netflix, and eating…It stopped raining for a few hours this afternoon, but the heavy rain started back and brought thunderstorms at 5pm.

I’ll try to be up and out earlier tomorrow to avoid any troubles that might want to visit me.

The adventure has not even started, but it sure feels like it already has. – Inspiring Adventure

– Billy Blohm

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